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Our corporate trainings will teach you the business strategies that work when dealing with your Chinese counterparts. Specific topics like leadership, team management, negotiation or insight into new models of innovation in China are addressed according to your needs.



EDF Leadership team training
China Insight delivered the China expertise component in a series of intercultural communication workshops for leadership teams at EDF Energy. The training focused on the theory and practice of cultural intelligence as crucial to the skill-set of the contemporary manager in a globalising business context.Next to the British and French, we looked at where the Chinese slot into cultural averages (as defined by Geert Hofstede e.g. Power Distance and High Context vs. Low Context communication. 

EDF Assessors training
China Insight delivered training to EDF’s HR assessors to prepare for interviews with Chinese candidates that would permit them to short-list candidates for an expatriate assignment in the U.K.The training covered general considerations when interviewing across cultures, as well as a focus on Chinese culture and behavior. Realistic dialogues simulated scenarios that could occur in-situ in China and the group discussed how to address such situations.

JAGUAR LANDROVER Relocation training
Training was conducted for JLR staff moving to the company’s Shanghai offices. In numerous trainings, China Insight provided the cross-cultural and practical knowledge relevant to working and living inShanghai. Trainees included expats, couples and families with children, and consisted of a range of topics from cross-cultural management, to communication, understanding the nature of Chinese State Owned Companies and working within Joint Ventures to practical living in Shanghai.

RENAULT NISSAN Train the trainer workshop
This two day training workshop was conducted in Beijing and regrouped HR directors from across Renault Nissan’s multiple divisions.
Through a series of plenary sessions and group work, we discussed he relevancy of culture to diverse HR challenges, and isolated key areas the HRdirectors thought should be worked on, in terms of national cultures ( specifically Chinese, French and Japanese ) , pain points of leadership and team integration.


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