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China's Children are growing up in a fast changing environment. Many of them are still only children, growing up with the pampering but also expectations of 6 adults or more focusing on them. The world around them is changing with technology, economic tensions and China's increasing international clout all having an influence. Following are some of the main sentiments that characterise this generation:


Pressure - The expression "tiger-mom" is common currency in China. Children are feeling pressure to succeed in education and their future careers from parents and grandparents that are investing greatly in their education. Their daily routines are often over-charged with tutoring and extra curriculars, and and increasing number are sent overseas for short stays or studies.

Pride - Chinese children are being raised in a ‘golden era of progress’ for China as the government invests in technologies and new trade, and consumers are encouraged to buy “Made in China” products. For this generation, it will be natural to buy Chinese products, and identity-affirming to wear Chinese fashion.

Individualism - China is moving on from being a strictly collectivist society to a more self expressive stance amongst the young.  This younger generation has had the material ease, global exposure and possibility to travel which all developed  a more self conscious, some day self-centered view.

Purpose - There may be a backlash against the pressure that young people feel to achieve success. Already, some early signs of conscious consumption and young people being more  concerned about societal and environmental issues show a possible move away from materialism towards more personal definitions of happiness. 

We help our clients predict future trends in rising generations : 

  • Ferrero - In this project lead by Kitchen8, we helped the client understand the world of Chinese children ; their attitude to play, their wishes and dreams for the future, the place technology plays in their lives  and current gifting trends.

  • In a study for a major automobile brand , we looked at China's Gen Alpha's characteristics and future influence points to better understand what mobility will mean in a post-automotive world.


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